This quintet, which consists of some of Sweden’s foremost musicians, has for a long time developed their unique way to extinguish the lines between jazz and electronica. In 2018 their acclaimed album NEXUS was released, accompanied with a visual art exhibition. According to several reviewers, the double LP proves that jazz can progress in interesting ways with modern technology like sequencer programming and live-looping.

Soundscape Orchestra started in 2012 when percussionist and laptop artist Thomas Wingren teamed up with pianist Adam Forkelid and drummer/arranger Calle Rasmusson. Together they wrote music for a 12-piece orchestra which was performed at a festival in Stockholm. In 2013 the project earned a sponsorship from the Swedish Jazz Federation. This time the group tried out a less orchestrated approach with a quintet setup. Mallet specialist Anders Åstrand and reed player Peter Fredman now joined the core trio. The result was playful futuristic electronic jazz based on productions in Ableton Live and live looping techniques. The quintet, which now is the main Soundscape format, performed at the Stockholm Jazz Festival in 2015 and got some rave reviews.
In 2016 the group was invited to perform at the worlds premier drum festival, PASIC, in Indianapolis, USA. The concert was very well received by the audience consisting of professional musicians from all over the world.

The debut recording turned out beautifully and has captured the groups playful and spontaneous style. Since the release in October 2018 the group is performing continuously on clubs and festivals. Make sure to catch them live if you can.

Thomas Wingren – live electronics, percussion, programming
Adam Forkelid – Rhodes, keyboards
Anders Åstrand – vibraphone
Peter Fredman – saxophones, clarinets, flute
Calle Rasmusson – drums