The debut album of Soundscape Orchestra, Nexus, was released in 2018 and got excellent reviews both in Sweden and internationally. Even though the album was a debut for this constellation, the five members are far from new in the business with a lot of international touring and many recordings under their belt. The album Nexus was a result of years of experimenting with live modulation, looping and production techniques commonly used in progressive electronica but now in a jazz context. The leading newspaper in Sweden, Dagens Nyheter has praised the group with this quote:
“Soundscape Orchestra succeeds with apparent modesty to crack one of the truly great nuts. Namely to incorporate new technology and bring jazz forward” 
Soundscape Orchestra played at several clubs and festivals during 2019 and Swedish national radio broadcasted a 90 min concert. During 2020 we got our gigs cancelled like everyone else so we used the time to write a lot of new material.
First single, Dream Drone was released in July 2021 by our new label Jazz-O-Tech. Second single Unknown Species got released in January 2022 and was followed by the EP Oceans in February  
Thomas Wingren – live electronics, percussion, programming
Adam Forkelid – Rhodes, keyboards
Anders Åstrand – vibraphone
Peter Fredman – saxophones, clarinets, flute
Calle Rasmusson – drums