“The quintet moves easily between jazz, electronica, funk and minimalism. They have created eight tracks of futuristic jazz with the laptop and sequencer as a natural ingredient. The group has a personal voice but flirts clearly, both harmonically and thematically, with Weather Report, Miles Davis funky 70s era, 80s Steps Ahead and a touch of the minimalism in the footsteps of Steve Reich……This futuristic, frictionless, suggestive and club-like jazz fusion will spin many times on my turntable from now on.”

/ Patrik Sandberg, Orkesterjournalen

“The improvisations develop over a dense rhythmic layer. It gives the music a distinctive suggestive power, which emphasizes the connection backwards – to the ever-present Bitches Brew.”

/ Magnus Eriksson, Lira

Today’s album: Soundscape Orchestra is more club than fusion – yet it’s jazz……A band that involves new technology and creates an unusual organic flow of different sounds and dynamic temperaments. 4 out of 5”

/ Johannes Cornell, Dagens Nyheter

Soundscape Orchestra is an excellent example of how jazz is constantly taking new steps forward and develops. The group successfully mixes analog instruments with digital techniques and the result is progressive electronic jazz that grooves amazingly nice. 4 out of 5

/ Nils Ågren, Tidningen 7

Bass leaps, sparkling tone sequences, almost symphonic impressions with flute sound, a touch of dramatic film music, a nervous percussion in the background, wiped skins, a lasting flute solo accompanied by the bass – this is the melange with which the quintet around Thomas Wingren and Adam Forkelid in “Khumbu” makes listeners prick up their ears.

/ Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther, Jazzhalo